Serving our veterans and wounded warriors

Horizon Prosthetics is proud of the opportunity to serve our veterans and wounded warriors by offering state-of-the-art prosthetic and orthotic services, medical equipment, and products for Veterans through our regional VA service contract.

  • Served over 1000 VA patients since obtaining contract
  • All prosthetic and orthotic needs, including compression stockings, diabetic packages, knee bracing, back bracing, PROSTHETICS, upper extremity bracing, and much more
  • Custom Fabrication & Fitting services from our in-House practitioners and onsite labs

Army Veteran Matt Spang talks about Horizon Prosthetics


The Veterans Choice Program is one of several programs through which a Veteran can receive care from a community provider, paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). For example, if a Veteran needs an appointment for a specific type of care, and VA cannot provide the care in a timely manner or the nearest VA medical facility is too far away or too difficult to get to, then a Veteran may be eligible for care through the Veterans Choice Program.

To use the Veterans Choice Program, Veterans must receive prior authorization from VA to receive care from a provider that is part of VA’s VCP network of community providers.


Veterans may be eligible to receive care through the Veterans Choice Program based on one or more of the following conditions:

  • VA can’t provide the services the Veteran needs
  • VA can’t make an appointment for the Veteran at the nearest VA medical facility within 30 days of the clinically indicated date (the date the Veteran and their VA provider agree should be the next date the Veteran is seen for care)—or, if VA can’t determine this date—the date the Veteran prefers to be seen next
  • Veteran lives more than 40 miles (driving distance) from the nearest VA medical facility with a full-time primary care physician
  • Veteran has to travel by air, boat, or ferry to get to the nearest VA medical facility
  • Veteran faces an excessive burden in traveling to the nearest VA medical facility (such as geographic challenges, environmental factors, or a health problem that makes it hard for you to travel)

VA will work with the Veteran to determine eligibility based on the above conditions and the Veteran’s specific circumstances.

For more information on the Veterans Choice Program click the link below: