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Colorado Cowboy rides again thanks to Horizon Prosthetics

Army Veteran Matt Spang talks about Horizon Prosthetics

Interview with Sophia’s Parents

Sophia’s Hi-tech Hand

Horizon Prosthetics 15sec spot featuring Wounded Warrior – Matt Spang

Horizon Prosthetics 15sec spot featuring Sophia

Watch Sophia’s Expertise in Target Practice…


Horizon Prosthetics teams up with the National Sports Center for the Disabled and Maryanne in Winter Park

Horizon Prosthetics Helps Patients with Knee Braces to fit their Needs

High school robotics team builds custom wheelchair for 2-year-old who can’t walk

One Step at a Time: The First Elephant Prosthetics

This Farm Fits Injured Animals with Prosthetics

Beyond bionics:

Building a Prosthetic Arm With Lego

Bike Riding with a Prosthetic Leg

Injured Veteran uses new chair to help plow neighborhood roads