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Horizon Prosthetics specializes in sports bracing products and various bracing solutions.
Sports bracing supports athletes and “weekend-warriors” to get back in the game!

Horizon Prosthetics offers all types of sports bracing from custom to off the shelf solutions to fit your lifestyle. If you are an extreme athlete or looking for day-to-day support, our certified Orthotists and Orthotic fitters can address your specific bracing needs by helping you choose from many of the top bracing brands, including Breg, Ossur, Townsend, Hely & Weber, Procare, and many more.

Some of the most common needs our patients inquire about are knee instability, ACL/MCL injuries, knee arthritis, patella dislocation, and simple preventative measures. Our office staff can help guide you on obtaining the proper documentation from your physician to ensure insurance coverage.

Sport specific bracing options are available such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, tennis, motocross, wake boarding, skiing, snowboarding, plus many more.

Many of our custom bracing options can be further customized with a variety of options, colors, designs and/or accessories.


  • Knee Bracing
  • Wrist Bracing
  • Ankle Bracing
  • Elbow Bracing
  • Shoulder Bracing
  • Hip Bracing