Horizon Prosthetics is proud of our team of certified Prosthetists, Orthotists and Orthotic Fitters who have over fifty years of combined service experience helping patients with their prosthetics and custom bracing needs.

Simply put, we impact lives through quality patient care. By combining experience, passion and leading edge technology, our practitioners design and fabricate a truly unique solution for each patient that enables them to achieve their individual activity goals.

Ed McKenna / CEO

Ed McKenna’s passion for bringing outstanding patient care to people of all walks of life began more than three decades ago when his first daughter, Lindsay, was born. (Details about Lindsay and her history with prosthetics). Knowing that he, his wife, and 2 other daughters could help care for someone in a similar situation to Lindsay they decided to adopt an above knee amputee, Ty, from an orphanage in China in (year). This afforded Ty opportunities and a life here in Colorado he never would have known had he stayed there.

After working in the medical field providing soft goods and durable medical equipment for the Veteran’s Administration (VA) he decided he wanted to make more of an impact in direct patient care. Having a vast amount of experience working alongside prosthetists for his children he felt he could add value to the field and make a substantial footprint here in Colorado.

Since 2011, Ed has grown Horizon Prosthetics into what it is today and is proud to say he has improved thousands of people’s lives from all over the world. Ed continuously seeks to add value in any way he can and wants to delight patients that walk through the doors at Horizon Prosthetics.