An unloading or off-loading knee brace is designed for patients who struggle with osteoarthritis. These knee braces support and provide joint stability and help to correct joint alignment problems. Braces can be made of several different materials to meet patient needs. Horizon Prosthetics works with your physician to offers a wide range of different styles to help treat your osteoarthritis based on your activity and instability levels. An Osteoarthritis knee brace helps reduce pain of by transferring weight off the most injured portion of your knee and providing better joint stability.

How Does an Osteoarthritis Knee Brace Work?

Typically, we offer pull design OA braces. These braces work by having the patient ratchet buckles and straps located on the brace to apply pressure to open the joint. This reduces bone on bone contact therefore relieving pain.

Insurance Coverage

Most private health insurance companies and Medicare offer coverage for osteoarthritis knee braces based on medical necessity. Be sure to check with your insurance plan and schedule a visit with your physician to see if it’s right for you. If your physician agrees that an OA brace would prove to be beneficial, be sure to have your doctor send Horizon Prosthetics a prescription to begin the process of obtaining a brace. Our certified practitioners will be able to answer any questions/concerns and provide insight into the benefits of a brace. Once coverage has been verified, we will schedule a visit with one of our practitioners to ensure a proper fitting of the brace and getting you back to things you love.

Linda was able to conquer Mount Killington with the help of her unloader brace. What will you be able to conquer with yours?