Cowboy prosthetic leg

Dwight was just a young teenager when he lost his leg in a rollover car accident. But you can’t keep a tough cowboy down.

Dwight went on to live his dreams thanks in part to Horizon Prosthetics and the prosthetic leg their expert staff provided him! Dwight is a Colorado cowboy through and through. Dwight and his wife Susan run the historic Allis Ranch in Greenland, Colorado where the day starts often before the crack of dawn and often goes on until the night. Taking care of a 300 acre ranch filled with horses, beef cattle, dairy cows, pigs, goats, chickens, hay, honey bees and five kids to feed and take care of is hard work but Dwight and his wife wouldn’t have it any other way.

As Dwight said…
“Horizon Prosthetics has done a great job with the (prosthetic) legs that they make and help with the ideas that they come up with….we can put in 18-20 hour days and a a lot of it is hard, physical labor that a lot of legs can’t hold up to. Horizon’s done a great job for me…developing different legs and different ways of doing things that give me the most comfort with being as durable as possible.”

Dwight’s wife Susan agrees…
“I think what Dave does is amazing for the type of work that Dwight does as a rancher. Dwight gets bucked off horses…he has to chase beef cattle through the creek bed…milking the animals, working with the hay bales and different types of heavy equipment and Dave has built these amazing legs that allows Dwight to walk, twist and be flexible…so that Dwight can get down and do branding and the heavy work loads that are required to be a rancher.

“I really like the fact the staff at Horizon Prosthetics really take the time to understand the needs of the client and understand and learn about the needs of their clients so the can build equipment specifically for that client. That equipment (Dwight’s prosthetic leg)  helps us live our ranching lifestyle.

People don’t even know that Dwight has an artificial leg or prosthetic unless Dwight tells them because Dwight can get around pretty normally.”

Horizon Prosthetics experts continue to work with Dwight and listen to his changing needs and continue to adapt Dwight’s leg for his various needs and take great satisfaction in helping a tough cowboy keep on riding!