Prosthetic leg

Robert lost his leg due to a serious infection which took about 6 months of healing including a second surgery. Frustrated with living life in a wheelchair, Robert came to Horizon Prosthetics not only unable to walk but quiet discouraged. When he arrived at Horizon’s Colorado Springs office Robert’s first words were, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk again.”

Robert met with Matthew Harris, C.P.O. to discuss his dream of being able to be fitted with a custom prosthetic leg that would allow him to walk again.  After a lot of time and hard work by the skilled staff and technicians at Horizon Prosthetics – Robert is walking, back on his feet  and mobile again. And he’s very happy with the improvement of his quality of life brought about by his custom-built prosthetic leg.

Its been fabulous! Matt really took his time and explained everything. ”

Robert now has a custom built leg that not only functions well but has a unique design and style of his own choosing.
Robert picked out a patriotic design with antique American flags which Horizon Prosthetics technicians laminated onto his leg.

Thanks to his new prosthetic leg, Robert has the mobility and freedom to do the things he loves, cooking in the kitchen, shopping or working in his flower garden and has recently started taking short walks.

As Robert says…

“Sure beats being stuck in a wheelchair!”

“Horizon Prosthetics is the only place to go (for prosthetics) in town. The care that they take in putting together a prosthetic…yes, they’re in business but there not here to be concerned about a bunch of money – they’re here to put out the best product for their customers….They’re a very special group here. They like to take care of everybody…and I don’t think there’s another organization that can give that kind of service.”