Knee Braces for Motorcyle riders

At Horizon Prosthetics, we specialize in custom knee bracing for motorcyclists.

Riding motorcycles (especially dirt bikes) can be fun, exhilarating and sometimes hazardous – especially when you’re pushing the limits of what you and your bike can handle. Most dirt bike riders have had a few spills to go with their thrills. However, taking a fall on a fast moving, 200 lb. machine can lead to more than bumps, scrapes and bruises. But for most riders the thrill and the excitement is worth the risk.

If you have a recent, or even an old injury to a knee, shoulder or elbow and need additional support on your motorcycle that’s where Horizon Prothetics can help.

We specialize in custom built braces and also offer a wide variety of “off-the-shelf” braces that provide the protection you deserve. Horizon Prothetics has worked with¬† countless riders – helping them return to the track using specialized braces that are built to their needs and specifications.

For knee braces – we offer a wide selection including full shell designs with patella (knee cap) protection, as well as lower profile options if needed. An excellent fit is critical to your return to sport, as well as an orthotist that will help fit and repair your brace after you’ve taken it home and put it to the test. Both custom and “off-the-shelf” designs are available, dependent upon your medical needs.

Talk to your doctor first. After you have seen your physician, come on over and lets talk about what you need for a brace that’s right for you and your riding needs!

Matt Schenk, CPO
Director of Clinical Operations
American Board Certified Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist