Sophia was born without an arm. But now, thanks to Horizon Prosthetics she has one!

As Sophia’s mother said…

Horizon Prosthetics really made our dreams come true!” They helped our daughter, Sophia get her myoelectric i-LimbTM. Its changed her life. Its not just a prosthetic arm. It’s a Luke Skywalker arm! Sophia has a very specialized, robotic arm that has five fingers that move. And this new prosthetic arm has turned our one-armed girl into a two-armed wonder.”

Sophia’s father had a similar positive endorsement…

“Horizon Prosthetic’s staff was knowledgeable, compassionate and diligent in their attention to Sophia and training her on how to operate and use her new robotic arm. Horizon Prosthetics has been super-responsive anytime any issue comes up with the arm. They are right there – involved with Sophia and the manufacturer. Its  really clear that they really care and strive for a positive outcome. They’re willing to go the extra mile and gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the experience of the arm a great success for Sophia.

Sophia went from hiding the fact that she was missing an arm – wearing long sleeves so kids at school wouldn’t see that she was missing an arm – to being confident of a really cool arm all because of Horizon Prosthetics.

Now Sophia ride a bike, rock climb, and enjoy doing a wide world of things including doing the dishes and cleaning the house!”


The Insurance Maze
Horizon Prosthetics’ staff was instrumental in helping Sophia’s parents work through the complex process of insurance paperwork and forms in order to get the Sophia access to her advanced robotic arm approved and covered.

What is the i-limb?

The i-limb is an externally powered prosthesis often controlled by myoelectric signals, meaning it uses muscle signals in the patient’s residual limb to move the device. With the i-limb Sophia can open and close her fingers and grip by using her own muscle signals in residual limb. The i-limb can open and close into several different grip such as a lateral grip or precision pinch providing Sophia with the ability to use her hand and arm for everyday tasks such as holding a cup, riding a bike or holding an object – like a cell phone – all of which brings her a much better quality of life.